Another great success for Boss Fight Books - Boss Fight Books Season 4 Kickstarter campaign recently ended and it’s another success with $35,320 collected thanks to 793 backers. This press just got a new facelift with five new upcoming books including Final Fantasy [...]
Fusion Retro Books now available in Kindle format - UK based Chris Wilkins is on a roll. Not only did he successfully got his latest project, Crash Annual 2018, an annual version of the cult magazine dedicated to the ZX Spectrum, Chris’s favorite computer, [...]
Undisputed Street Fighter available for preorder - I recently went to the Coleco Retro Gaming Expo that took place on August 5th and 6th in Edison, NJ. Over there I had the immense pleasure of meeting with fellow writers including Tim Lapetino, [...]
Boss Fight Books Season 4 about to hit Kickstarter! - Boss Fight Books is at it again! And I couldn’t be more pleased. Although I haven’t read a single one of them entirely just yet (I’ll do my best once I will be through with [...]
Profusion of Super NES books! - It’s not a secret anymore and it probably never was one in the first place, but Nintendo is extremely popular. Not only are they still part of the news, but their past glories are amazingly popular. [...]
The Phoenix IV proof is a real piece of work - Leonard Herman, author of the Phoenix video game history books just received his proof for the long awaited 4th edition of his book and it’s huge! As he posted it on Facebook we can see the effort [...]
The Masters of Pixel Art – Volume 2 right now on Kickstarter - After a successful first Kickstarter campaign for the Masters of Pixel Art – Volume 1 held less than a year ago, Klas Benjaminsson is back at it with the second volume that is already funded! [...]
Top 7 reasons we need gaming history (especially on paper) - I wanted to deal with this for a long time now because gaming history is important and we need it, badly. I’ve come up with seven reasons why I think it is an important part [...]
The Oliver Twins history book is almost there - After a successful Kickstarter campaign held last year, the Story of the Oliver Twins is getting closer and closer to completion. Indeed, Chris Wilkins, the co-author, tells us through an update that the book is [...]
Third Editions Kickstarter is live! - As said in our previous article, Third Editions just started their Kickstarter campaign. Along the way, they announced that their first three books will be The Legend of Final Fantasy VII, Zelda – Archives of [...]