We know more about the Art of Atari and you’re going to love it!

Originally announced in 2014, the Art of Atari is a coffee table book that comes back at length on this early age of video games as it is focused on the Atari VCS also known as Atari 2600 in its later life.

Published by Dynamite and written by Tim Lapetino, one of the producers behind the Box Art documentary that recently was on Kickstarter, the Art of Atari is getting closer and closer to its October 2016 release.

The publisher just announced a Deluxe Edition for the most hardcore fan around here. Indeed, this very limited run is available for preorder at $99.99 and will give you a leather bound version of the book and a game cartridge cover design (always a good move for nostalgia to kick in); a Steam key to game compilation Atari Vault that include 100 of the most iconic games ever released on the console with online multiplayer capability; and a poster by none other than Cliff Spohn former Atari artist who will produce an exclusive and very limited print for the occasion.

The book is also available by itself with a regular hardcover on Amazon for $29.41. We’ll hopefully get one to review it as it looks like an awesome book.

Title: The Art of Atari
Author: Tim Lapetino
Publisher: Dynamite
# of pages: 352
Release Date: October 2016

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