Famicom/NES Visual Compendium back and backed!

After a hiatus of around 4 weeks, Sam Dyer‘s Kickstarter campaign went back online for its last 24 hours. The main change is that the book is now called The unofficial Famicom/NES Visual Compendium. Even though we don’t know what happened backstage, we can easily guess that it was intense. Nevertheless it’s really good news to know that Nintendo didn’t simply use its Cease & Desist card like so many others do, but tried and managed to work this situation out eventually finding a solution for both parties.

If you’ve missed the campaign that finished a few days ago as of writing this article, you can click on this link that’ll lead you to the MegaFounder page of the project. You’ll be able to pre-order a copy of the book either with a soft cover or a hard cover.

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