Finally a book on the Atari ST

The Atari ST and the Creative People Vol.1 is back on Kickstarter after an unsuccessful first try two months ago and it had already been funded! This computer, nicknamed “Jackintosh” after Jack Tramiel, Commodore founder who went to work for Atari after leaving the company he founded over management disagreements.

Written by Marco A. Breddin, a German author and journalist, the book will have an unusual format for a video game history book as it will be in landscape with a hardcover. That’s a good point as nothing is set in stone in terms of retrogaming books and change is always welcome.

This new publication, available by November 2016, will be the first of 3 volumes and will cover the early days of the Demo Scene, this activity that consists of using the minimum resources to create the best and most beautiful and technically impressive short animated film. The author already shared the 15 interviews that will be included in the book and they will bring back memories to the Atari ST owners as we find The Thalion, The Carebears, The Lost Boys and many others.

Regarding the rewards, we have the usual suspects with posters, and bookmarks among others.

Go here to support the creator and its project that ends on July 3rd.

Title: The Atari ST and the Creative People Vol.1
Author: Marco A. Breddin
Publisher: Self-Published
# of pages: 200-250
Release Date: November 2016

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