John Szczepaniak shares incredible footage about Japan game development history

Author of the, The Untold History of Japanese Game DevelopersJohn Szczepaniak had the ability to travel to Japan in order to interview many game developers so they could share their experience and we would learn more about the Japanese video game industry that still remains mysterious.

In a Gamasustra featured blog post, John tells us that, while hard at work on Volume 3 that should be released soon, he authorized his friends form the Hardcore Gaming 101 to upload some of the amazing footage he recorded while touring Japan in search of interesting interview in 2013. The videos include Data East, Beep magazine, a visit to the abandoned Hudson‘s R&D offices and so much more. Everything can be watched for free on YouTube.

Volume 1 and 2 of The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers are available on Amazon or the Hardcore Gaming 101 website.

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