Phoenix IV The History of Video Games Test Printing on eBay now!

Leonard Herman just announced that he put a test printing copy of his upcoming book for auction on eBay. What’s so particular about it? Oh nothing, just a bunch of signatures from the people who helped built this industry we all love and cherish. Among them we can find Ralph H. Baer‘s who signed some labels ; David Crane‘s, Activision’s co-founder and Pitfall! creator ; Ted Dabney‘s, Atari‘s co-founder ; or Joe Santulli‘s and John Hardie‘s, co-founders of the National Video Game Museum.

The author also wants the public to know that the final version of his book will more than 100 additional pages and will be released later this summer. As a reminder this is the fourth edition of Phoenix, a heavy-on-the-details video game history book that originated way back in 1987 with a first version published in 1994 by Leonard’s very own publishing company Rolenta Press. This new edition was announced on May 1st, 2012.

You can find the auction here. It will run until July 14th 3:17PM EST to be precise. May the best bidder wins!

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