Profusion of Super NES books!

It’s not a secret anymore and it probably never was one in the first place, but Nintendo is extremely popular. Not only are they still part of the news, but their past glories are amazingly popular. The company itself had a taste when it released the NES/Famicom Classic last year and felt it again when they announced the Super NES/Super Famicom Classic last month. But other people also managed to keep themselves busy with Nintendo’s 16-bit systems: Video Game Historians like yours truly.

The competition will be tough but one person already won: the customer. For the authors and publishers, will it be a problem? Most certainly not! There are so many different ways to address this particular subject.

For example, Brett Weiss asked some people from within the industry to write up some stories about some games so it brings a more personal touch. I contributed a story on Super Mario Kart and I won’t spoil you here but it’s a sad one.

Geeks-Line has a more encyclopedic approach with the entirety of the game library rev

iewed whether the games are Japanese, North American or PAL exclusives. I’m also part of this project so I know how it goes.

Bitmap Books focuses more on the visuals hence the name of their collection: Visual Compendium. This doesn’t mean that it’s only pictures and no text. Actually I talked a little bit about in my video. But there is actually a lot of texts describing the games in question or with interviews from some developers who actually worked on Super NES titles back in the 1990s.


And Jeffrey Wittenhagen brings both the collector’s approach with some checkboxes so you can keep track of the North American games you have and in which condition; and the personal one with a compendium and some personal stories.

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And most recently, just in time for the SNES Classic release, Prima will launch a SNES book simply entitled Playing with Super Power SNES Classics like they did last year with their NES one (mine is still shrink-wrapped, I really need to read it).


Each book will be released later this year although Brett Weiss’s book will be in two volumes with the second one releasing next year; and Geeks-Line may have other projects to reveal before focusing on the SNES. Happy retro-reading!

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